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The basics of using continous glucose monitoring(CGM).

For people who like the idea of being able to see and respond to changes in their glucose levels as they are happening , a CGM-enabled pump is ideal. It's also beneficial: the information CGM delivers has been shown to help patients achieve inproved control.

With CGM, a small sensor inserted beneath your skin transmits glucose readings to your pump every 5 minutes. You can see if your glucose is going up or going down and how fast, view your trends across various blocks of time and makes insulin adjustment as soon as they're needed to help you stay in tight control.

CGM doesn’t replace fingerstick testing; rather, it works with it. The idea is to use CGM to determine the direction your glucose is headed and the rate of change, then use your fingerstick test to determine your insulin dose.



*Glucose values are not visible durong 2-hour start up period. CGM readings may not be displayed while in water.
CGM readings may not be captured when insulin pump or transmitter in immersed in water.
†You must confirm your glucose reading with a fingerstick test before taking action.